Data Center and Enterprise

Scaling Optical Interconnects sustain long distance transmission

As bandwidth grows in datacenter networks, WDM technology, which taps into the terabit bandwidth of single-mode fiber, as well as the intrinsic parallelism of both light and the computing data streams, holds the promise of delivering scalable optical interconnects with low power consumption, high data throughput, long transmission distance, and the cost-effectiveness needed for future warehouse-scale datacenter networks.

eWAVE provides low cost, plug and play products for optical transport of enterprise and data centre networks. Customer can easily expand the distance of their networks, makes separate networks between far away connected as in local.

eWAVE solutions provide optical and Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity capabilities to address the technical requirements associated with information distribution to branch offices and remote facilities from centralized data centre. In addition to delivering comprehensive technical capabilities, eWAVE’s ultra compact, high density, low power, and feature rich solutions deliver operational value to improve IT efficiency and the enterprise bottom line.